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Running Time:
1 hour, 40 minutes

Rating: PG Parental Guidance Suggested.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
This is Disney's best animated entertainment since "Beauty and the Beast."

Additional Info:
featuring the voices of:
Mandy Moore ... Rapunzel
Zachary Levi ... Flynn Ryder
Donna Murphy ... Mother Gothel
Jeffrey Tambor ... Big Nose
Brad Garrett ... Hook Hand
Ron Perlman ... Stabbington
M.C. Gainey ... Captain of the Guard

Tangled starring Mandy Moore: DVD Cover Tangled is based on the Grimm fairy tale "Rapunzel." In this Disney computer animated musical version, Rapunzel (voice of Mandy Moore) is a princess who was kidnapped as a baby and held in a tower where her golden hair grew to 70 feet long. She's up there all alone with only her pet lizard as a companion, and her mother, or at any rate an evil sorceress called Mother Gothel (Donna Murphy), who has kept her locked up there for seventeen years in cruel physical and psychological captivity.

One day, a handsome bandit named Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi) chooses her tower as a hide-out and scales it, only to be taken captive by Rapunzel. Desperate to get out of her prison, Rapunzel strikes a deal with the charming thief telling him that if he will help her escape, she will take him to the place where there are magnificent floating lights; the ones she has seen every year on her birthday. Before long they are out of there and on to the most exciting journey of her life. 

delightful songs by Alan Menken, this is without a doubt Disney's best animated film in years; full of humor, adventure and heart. You and your family won't want to miss it.

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