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Running Time:
2 hours, 15 minutes

Rating: PG Parental Guidance Suggested.

Rating Explanation:
for battle sequences and frightening moments.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
Imaginative, magical and full of visual thrills, and although it may be a bit too long for younger children, it's quite wonderful.

Additional Info:
2 Disc DVD Features: Audio commentary with director Andrew Adamson and cast members; audio commentary with the production team; bloopers of Narnia; fun facts of Narnia; "The Children’s Magical Journey," a making-of-the-film featurette with the film’s young stars; "Anatomy of a Scene: The Melting River"; "Chronicles of a Director," Adamson’s personal film diary; "Cinematic Storytellers," personal film diaries from the producer, production designer, costume designer, editor, and music composer; "Creating Creatures," showing how many of the film’s amazing creatures came to life; "Creatures of the World," more on Narnia’s creature creations; "From One Man’s Mind," a look at author C.S. Lewis; "Explore Narnia," a 3-dimensional journey throughout the lands, and a "Legends In Time" Narnia timeline.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
Disney's charming fantasy is based on the first of C.S. Lewis’s seven alegorical classics, and the first live-action film from director Andrew Adamson ("Shrek" & "Shrek 2.") It's the tale of the four Pevensie siblings – Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy – who are evacuated from a Blitz-stricken London suburb and sent to live in the large, rural home of a mysterious professor (Jim Broadbent). One by one, they fall through the back of a wardrobe and discover themselves in Narnia, a frozen land where the White Witch (a sinister Tilda Swinton) rules, allowing animals to be tortured, and where secret police wolves reign supreme in a land of perpetual winter. There they meet Aslan, a big-hearted lion (voiced by Liam Neeson), who calls on the children to help him bring back peace and happiness to Narnia. Of course he will guide them along the way.

It’s all very British and loaded with 1940s family values as well as New Testament overtones (should you choose to see them). For some much needed comic relief, the children run into a pair of delightful chattering beavers, (voiced by Ray Winstone and Dawn French), who bring some charm and wit to the proceedings. The film is sometimes strange, sometimes disturbing, but always entertaining, although it does lose some of the magic during its overlong battle-sequence towards the end. Although it never matches either the excitement of the ‘Harry Potter’ films or the spectacle of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, this charming work of fantasy literature should delight most children and teenagers as well as adults.

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