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Running Time:
1 hour, 20 minutes

Rating: G General Audiences.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A subtly touching and wonderfully eccentric adventure that should enchant the entire family.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Behind-the-scenes fun, including "How to Build a Bunny"; "Stagefright"-The award-winning Aardman short film; Deleted scenes with cracking commentary; Clayful activities, games, printables and much, much more!

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
There's a 500-year tradition of hosting The Giant Vegetable Contest in the village surrounding Tottington Manor, to honor the neighborhood's greenest thumb, but the village is being overrun by a bunch of nibbling rodents. However, the town is reluctant to exterminate the furry creatures and are looking for a humane approach to their problem. So they hire "Anti-Pesto," owned and operated by Wallace (Peter Sallis), a bumbling inventor with a penchant for cheese, and his faithful pup Gromit. Featuring high-tech security systems and around-the-clock responses, the pair claims they can capture four-footed intruders safely and humanely. While they have had much success and have garnered lots of local attention, they are elated when they get a call from the wealthy Lady Tottington (Helena Bonham Carter). Even though she feels sorry for the adorable bunnies, she pleads for their help in protecting her garden from infestation. Wallace comes up with an idea that he believes is a real stroke of genius. He'll use his experimental "Mind-o-Matic," a lunar-powered contraption which will alter the appetites of veggie eaters by brainwashing them. This will also free up storage space in his cellar which is where he is presently keeping all of the adorable felons he has humanely apprehended up until now. Taking no notice of Gromit's objections, Wallace begins his rabbit rehabilitation program. But when the untested mechanics malfunction, he unwittingly creates a gigantic monster with an equally huge appetite for the community's veggies. Meanwhile, there is at least one person who's opposed to Anti-Pesto's humane methods. Victor Quartermaine (Ralph Fiennes), a suitor of Lady Tottington and her money, he prefers using a gun. When he and the townsfolk become aware of this new enormous threat, they throw their compassion to the wind and allow the egocentric big-game hunter to set his sights on the moonlight marauders, which should also enable him to win the hand of the wealthy lady of the manor.

If you're familiar with the previous Incredible Adventures of Wallace and Gromit, you'll be delighted to see them in this charming feature length film. Created by Nick Park and Aardman Studios, the dynamic duo continues to push clay animation into new frontiers. Particularly amazing are the floating rabbits sucked up by Wallace's Bun-Vac 6000. Although The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is an obvious spoof on the classic horror genre, it should not scare off potential family audiences. No real vegetables or animals are actually harmed, although puns and sight gags do sprout up like weeds. The only real concerns include moments of peril (which may frighten very young viewers) and some mild sexual innuendoes. For all others this film's a delightful romp.

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