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Running Time:
1 hour, 45 minutes

Rating: PG Parental Guidance Suggested.

Rating Explanation:
for some rude humor and action

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A sometimes awkward, blend of animation, computer generation and live action, that's lacking a sense of real whimsy.

Additional Info:
Featuring the voices of:
Hank Azaria ... Gargamel
Neil Patrick Harris ... Patrick
Brendan Gleeson ... Victor
Jayma Mays ... Grace
Jacob Tremblay ... Blue
Nancy O'Dell ... Herself
Karim Babin ... Waiter
Gaston Morrison ... Taxi Driver

The Smurfs 2
This sequel is populated by a bunch of weird little blue people, and there's a new origin story for Smurfette, voiced again by Katy Perry. It is revealed that within her Smurfness resides some pretty Smurfin’ great power and she must choose whether to use her Smurf-powers for good, as Papa Smurf has taught her, or fall under the dark spell of the evil wizard Gargamel. And, the fate of the world (of Smurfs) hangs in the balance.
Much of the plot is tied up in a wacky race to save Smurfette from the clutches of Gargamel (Hank Azaria) by Papa Smurf and the three least likely heroes in The Smurf Village. There’s Clumsy (voiced by Anton Yelchin), Grouchy (voiced by George Lopez),and Vanity, (voiced by John Oliver). With help from humans Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mayes and a so out-of-place-it’s-hysterical Brendan Gleeson, the Smurfial Forces take to the streets, sewers and rooftops of Paris. They’ve got no special skills, but they’ve got positivity.

As they did with the first film, director Raja Gosnell ("The Smurfs") and his creative team accomplish a number of things that deserve note. First, they avoid the gross-out humor that many animated family films devolves into these days. They’ve dumbed down the story for their target audience,but they never go for the cheap laugh. And, just as the first one did, The Smurfs 2 becomes weird enough to be memorable. Plus, there's a charming, willy, completely ridiculous Brendan Gleeson, who gets turned into a duck.

And finally, the animation of The Smurfs 2 and the way they choreograph some of the 3D sequences is impressive on a purely technical level. There is one particular scene in which Smurfette and two of Gargamel’s bizarro-Smurflings (called “Naughties”) are fleeing from danger by riding storks through Paris. It’s exciting and remarkable for how fast it moves. If nothing else, the mountain of money the first film made at the box office did not go to waste, when they made The Smurfs 2

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