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Running Time:
73 minutes

Rating: PG Parental Guidance Suggested.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
This is one of the last classic hand drawn animated films from Disney, as they are going to exclusively make digitally created films like "Finding Nemo." Too bad they aren't going to make any more films like this one. They'll be missed.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Series premiere episode; "The Art of Gary Baseman"; Disney's song selection; Deleted scenes; Music video performed by Christy Carlson Romano

Teacher's Pet
The film is based on the Daytime Emmy-winning animated television series of the same name, and utilizes some of the more familiar Hollywood vocies for the characters including Nathan Lane as Spot the dog, and Kelsey Grammer as the nutzy Dr. Krank. Spot is a dog of indeterminate breed who wants to become human. He lives just like a boy, getting dressed every morning for school just like Leonard, his master, and he's treated like a human by Leonard's classmates and teacher. The problem is that Leonard wishes that Spot would chase balls and bring back sticks, like a normal dog. Leonard and his mom, fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Helperman, plan to take off to Florida, where she is a finalist in a national teachers contest, but they are going to leave Spot behind. While watching a TV talk show, Spot sees that there's a doctor in Florida who claims to be able to turn animals into humans. So he stows away on their "Wentawaygo" and heads for Florida with his family. When he gets to Florida, Spotís wish is granted by Dr. Krank (Kelsey Grammer), but Spot discovers that the eeeeeevil scientist has had some of his experiments turn out badly. He has created a mutant alligator boy (Paul Reubens) and a mosquito girl (Megan Mullally). However, since Spot is of a a more "advanced" species, Dr. Krank is able to turn him into Scott, a human. The only problem is that since no one had figured how many dog years Spot has already lived, he turns out to be a grumpy full-grown man, complete with beard and back pain. To turn Scott back into a dog requires the involvement of the family cat Jolly (David Ogden Stiers), their bossy canary Pretty Boy (Jerry Stiller) who has some hilarious one-liners, and Dr. Krank's computer-hacking nephew Ian (Rob Paulsen). Several songs have been added but they only serve to hold up the action. "A Boy Needs a Dog," is a song about tampering with nature, and there's a somewhat amusing tango-esque number done by Grammer "I, Ivan Krank," but they add little to the entertainment. The colors in the film are vibrant, and the comical backgrounds help make the movie seem like a comic strip come to life, but it's the voices that manage to make the film fun to watch.

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